The study of maritime history is essential in understanding global and national history. North Carolina’s maritime history is rich with vital links to the first people, first colonists, piracy, first Union-won battle in the Civil War, first safe haven for African-Americans in North Carolina, Torpedo Junction and the war between Germany and allied forces during WWII, and the thousands of historic shipwrecks to study that lay off the coast.

The Museum offers EDUCATION OUTREACH opportunities for educators based upon the maritime heritage and shipwrecks of the North Carolina Outer Banks. This online service allows educators to access information from the comfort of their classroom or home.

Our mission at the Graveyard of the Atlantic Museum is to advance, interpret, present, and preserve this history and culture from the earliest days of exploration to modern day.  We encourage appreciation and discovery, and promote an active and responsible understanding of this Outer Banks heritage in itself and in relation to that of the United States and the broader history of seafaring.